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Crystal Confetti scoop

Crystal Confetti scoop

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This beautiful crystal confetti is filled with so many beautiful crystals, crystal bracelets, crystal jars, spheres, crystal double points, crystal squares, crystal mushrooms, hearts, starts & moon carvings and many more! 

crystals that are in the confetti 

amethyst, green aventurine, agate, red Jasper, tigers eye, sodalite, lapis lazuli, Dalmatian Jasper,  Howlite, snowflake obsidian, unakite, white quartz, rose quartz, citrine, hematite, labradorite, clear quartz, opalite, fluorite, blue labradorite, flower agate, blue lace agate, rutilated quartz and many more awesome crystals.
each scoops is 1/4

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